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Septum piercing from Tether Jewelry A post shared by Tether Jewelry (@tetherjewelry) on Mar 12, at am PDT This gorgeous gold piece, from Tether Jewelry, is as intricate as it is elegant.
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Shop our large collection of unique Septum Ring designs in Sterling Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Black. Fake clip-ins or real piercings, we have you covered. 16 .
A septum piercing is a piercing that goes through the nasal septum, which separates the left and right nostrils. The piercing needle goes through the thin piece of .
A septum piercing is a piercing that goes through the nasal septum, which separates the left and right nostrils. The piercing needle goes through the thin piece of .
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So, if it looks cool to you, you might get it without having second thoughts. That’s just perfect because there are some serious examples below that will enhance your confidence and decorate your body in a way nothing else can. Rugged look with thick jewelry. The septum is thin, so you have to be careful when you stretch it. The jewel.

It is interesting how many are from the US. I wonder what the ratio of US shops on Etsy versus other countries is. Had a look through the list for research… Hmmm, no wire wrapped or chainmaille like what I make anywhere on the list. There is no beadwork on any of this list like what I make. Makes me rethink my whole line of designs. Seems like people that make personalized items are the most successful. Your email address will not be published. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Here are the top Etsy sellers in the jewelry category for Top Etsy Jewelry Sellers.

AhKriti February 5, at 8: Such awesome designs and each unique in style and design. Mary Dailey February 5, at 8: Thank you so much! Quentin Eckman February 5, at Laura February 5, at 1: Rachel-Hearts of Stone Jewelry February 5, at 3: Timothy Adam February 5, at Melody Sauceda September 21, at We have rings available in 1mm 18g , 1. This hoop will last forever and further enhance your body jewellery collection.

Silver septum ring, which has been lovingly hand made with This is a classic, feminine teardrop shape with delicate dots detailing the septum piercing. Silver septum ring, which has been Sterling silver septum hand made with the highest quality This septum ring has a rope design with a twisting, textured effect.

Rope is a symbol of strength and resilience. Sterling silver septum hand made with This septum features a plain rounded style with a chunky lower half of the ring, it is finished with a smooth polished feel.

This septum features a ball in the middle of two silver loops, the nose ring is finished with a smooth polished feel. An exotic multi-coloured blue opal stone sits in the middle of this simple yet mystic beauty.

An exotic multi-coloured opal stone sits in the middle of this simple yet mystic beauty. An exotic blue stained opal stone sits in the middle of this simple yet mystic beauty. Sterling silver septum ring featuring a delicate crown shaped design with tiny balls and decorative spikes. Also available in rose gold, yellow gold, brass and white bronze. Sterling silver septum ring featuring Sterling silver tribal septum ring. A hand crafted simple yet stunning septum ring for those looking for bold and beautiful jewellery.

All our products are designed exclusively in Brighton UK, and ethically handmade with the highest care, then expertly chosen and packaged with love, by us here at the Tribalik A beautiful and unique sterling silver septum featuring a crescent plate made using the oxidized technique and delicate silver balls for a decorative motif.

A beautiful and unique sterling Beautifully handmade tribal silver septum jewellery featuring hand crafted spiral wire and delicate silver ball detailing. Beautifully handmade tribal silver This small and dainty septum ring features three rows of twisted silver.

Standard starting gauges tend to range between 16g and 12g, but some people choose to start out with heavier gauges from the beginning instead of waiting and stretching later.

If you go with a heavier gauge, opt for a septum pincher or retainer that will put less downward pressure on your healing fistula than a captive ring would. This will aid in the septum piercing healing process rather than delay it.

There are a number of things you should and shouldn't do while your septum piercing is healing. If you use the guidelines below as a supplement to the septum piercing aftercare instructions your piercer gives you, your septum piercing should heal well in a standard amount of time as long as you don't experience any septum piercing problems.

Keeping your septum piercing clean involves misting it with a quality piercing aftercare spray times per day throughout the healing process and doing two full sea salt solution SSS soaks per day for at least the first few weeks after getting pierced.

There are two methods for getting your full SSS soaks in each day:. If you feel that you need to incorporate an antiseptic piercing spray into your septum piercing aftercare regime because you're experiencing a piercing problem, try a product like Tattoo Goo's X-Pressions Extra Strength Antiseptic Piercing Aftercare Spray or X-Pressions Antiseptic Piercing Swabs.

These products are formulated for healing and irritated piercings, making them superior to general antiseptics like hydrogen peroxide. Initially, you should only use an antiseptic rinse or swab once a day, in between sea salt solution soaks and aftercare spray mistings. You don't want to wash away one cleanser with the other. If your piercing problem persists, you can increase to twice-a-day applications.

Beyond that, you should explore other remedies to your piercing problem. Use the information in our " Septum Piercing Problems " section below to identify the exact problem you're experiencing, and then try our suggestions for remedying that particular issue. There are a number of issues that may present around a septum piercing if your septum jewelry is a poor fit, if you're exposed to harmful microorganisms, if you've been neglecting your septum piercing aftercare regime, or for other reasons that sometimes aren't obvious.

Read through this section to familiarize yourself with potential septum piercing problems so you can quickly identify and address any issues you experience with your healing septum piercing. Starter septum jewelry is either extra long or has a large diameter to accommodate any swelling that occurs during the healing process. If your nose swells severely, though, there's a chance your septum jewelry may begin to cut into your skin in an uncomfortable and potentially harmful way.

Prolonged pressure on a fistula can cause necrosis tissue death , which can lead to infection, so it's important to get the pressure off ASAP.

Consider taking a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug like acetaminophen e. Tylenol to help reduce swelling. Advil and aspirin aren't ideal alternatives, since ibuprofen can cause additional bruising and aspirin thins the blood. If acetaminophen doesn't help and you haven't experienced any bruising, you can try a little ibuprofen once the acetaminophen is out of your system usually within hours and see if that's more effective.

It just shouldn't be the first thing you grab for swelling. Applying cool compresses gently to your swollen nose may also help reduce swelling. Get a clean wash cloth, soak it in cold water, and gently apply it to your nose until the cloth warms up. At that point you should either stop or grab a new washcloth before applying more cold water to your swollen nose. If you have a very small cold gel pack, you can use that instead.

Just wrap it in a clean paper towel or thin cloth before gently pressing it against the underside of your nose. If it hasn't and your jewelry is cutting into your skin uncomfortably, visit your piercer as soon as possible. If your swelling is accompanied by any degree of bruising, don't be alarmed.

It will go away with a little time, so be patient. There's nothing you can do to minimize bruising except to avoid ibuprofen and aspirin. Sometimes despite their best efforts, people with new septum piercings develop infections. The signs to watch out for are discharge of thick, yellowish pus instead of harmless clear lymph that dries to a whitish crust, red streaks radiating out from your piercing site, skin that's hot to the touch, and in some cases fever.

If you suspect you might be developing an infection, ramp up your septum piercing aftercare regime immediately. Do 3 full sea salt solution soaks per day, and add an antiseptic piercing rinse or antiseptic swabs to your cleaning routine once or twice a day as needed.

Continue misting your piercing with a quality saline wash like Recovery Piercing Aftercare Spray times per day in between your full SSS soaks and antiseptic rinse applications.

If your symptoms of infection don't begin to go away over the first few days after ramping up your septum piercing aftercare regime, or if your symptoms get worse at any point, see your family physician right away. Make sure you take the full course, and continue your enhanced aftercare regime while you take the antibiotic. It's best that you not remove your jewelry while your infection clears up either. If bacteria got trapped inside the closing fistula, it could cause an abscess to form.

If you do remove your septum jewelry, be sure to continue your septum piercing aftercare regime until the fistula is fully closed. If you notice the position of your piercing has shifted, ask your piercer if there's enough room to insert heavier-gauge septum jewelry to slow down and hopefully halt the rejection process.

That's probably your best option if your piercing was placed incorrectly from the start. Hypergranulation issues sometimes develop around piercing sites in response to excess moisture, excess pressure, or a combination of the two things. Hypergranulations may present as angry-red, puffy tissue all or partway around your septum piercing, or you may develop a red or pinkish piercing bump that appears fluid-filled.

This is also a hypergranulation problem, but the coloring and taut tissue sometimes causes people to mistakenly think they're developing a keloid scar instead. You'll know the difference if the irritation forms immediately around or by your piercing and doesn't progress any further. Very few people actually develop keloid scars, but for those who do, the scar tissue will grow out of control well beyond the piercing site.

If you develop a hypergranulation around your septum piercing, see your piercer and ask him or her to replace your septum jewelry with larger, more loosely-fitting jewelry. Getting the pressure off in combination with an enhanced septum piercing aftercare regime like that described in the " Infected Septum Piercing " section above is usually all it takes to reverse a hypergranulation issue. It may take a week or more for the problem to fully dissipate, but it should go away with time and proper septum piercing care.

If the issue persists, note whether or not you regularly suffer from a runny nose. If you do, the moisture constantly coming from your sinuses could also be contributing to your hypergranulation problem.

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You searched for: septum jewelry! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. No matter what you’re looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique . Home > Nose Rings & Septum Jewelry > Septum Body Jewelry Septum Body Jewelry At FreshTrends, we are always devoted to our mission of offering you the best body piercing jewelry out there and our collection of septum rings is a true testament. We carry a wide selection of unique septum jewelry. Shop for diamond septum rings and unique septum rings with gemstones in a variety of styles.