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Except for woolen sweaters and knit sweaters that keep you warm, cardigans for women works as well. One of the advantages of knit cardigan is that they can easily be paired with any style of outfit. Black cardigan with a pair slimming jeans or leggings nails your office look.
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Long Sleeved Mini Sweater Dress - Cowl Neck

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Hoodie or jacket cardigans are another choice from our extensive cardigan collection. Jacket or hoodie cardigans have open fronts or have zippers to provide a

I have been hand knitting since and machine knitting since I love both and am complimented on my hand lace work and machine knitted circular shawls with lace borders. Best of luck to you. I do not know what anything is worth as far as going on Ebay -I am totally confused.

Is there anyone in New Jersey that can help me sort things out for sale? Someone directed me to this site to check for the manual to a Studio HK machine I am trying to sell. I have downloaded it. Hi, I just inherited a Studio SR knitting machine. Does anyone know what these are worth and how to sell it? I am interested in a used knitting machine to make hats, bags and baby blankets and scalf, would like to have an idea of the cost.

Have the time to sit and try making items for gifts. Was fortunate to locate books and things on ebay. Recently located an article on deep cleaning which was super help. I aquired a Passap Duo 80… needs to be serviced. Do you have any references for Central California? Hi I am looking for a knitting machine with a ribber. I would also like it to be computer friendly. I have never machine knitted so would like a machine that is easy to use.

If anyone has a machine for sale or know someone who has one cheap please let me know. A Jocelyn- Tu es ou? Bob and Sonia Burda are wonderful people and may be able to help you.

I have a Brothers KH This in orginal Box and case. I have to open it to get a picture and the list of the extras inside. Hi passap knitters, I have a problem with the front lock of my passap E and like to ask for help.

I took the lock off the bed inspected it and gently tried to move the lever but with no luck. Nothing had happened to the front lock and it does not look anything is broken. It is also well oiled and cleaned. Thanks for your suggestions.

I am in need of a Ribber for a Singer Does anyone have one to sell. I live in Oakville, Ontario. My DH says that electronic knitting machines are no longer made. Is this true, and if so how long has it been since they have made them? It was part of a large number of knitting machines and accessories that were left to me by my English Aunt. I am a weaver and I tried my hand at the knitting machines but found I prefer weaving.

I sold the other items to someone local who wanted to upgrade her equipment — my Aunt would have loved her. I know I sound sentimental — loved my Aunt and want to find good homes for her equipment. I would like to find a good home for it — someone who loves knitting as much as my Aunt did. Does anyone have suggestions for pricing?

I also noticed a comment from last year from Joan Kissell, also looking for the same part. I am wondering if you were able to find it some where. If anybody has the arm assembly part for sale or knows someone that has it, please let me know. I am relying on the eBay as a point of contact for sellers of knitting parts for many models of machines, some of which are s.

I find reasonable prices and postage there and many parts are available in China. Hand manipulating tools are also sold by these sellers. Just buy the card and credit it at your local post office. Any thoughts on where I can find one? I have a number of machines and attachments recently inherited. I live north of Seattle, my mother-in-law was Iris Meister als0 known as the Knitmeister.

She told me they are very expensive. Unfortuneately the only one she spoke to me about selling to was Gail who past away a couple of years ago. If you could help or are interested please let me know. I woulke to know a resonable price for sellig, The knitter and ribb er are 3o years old but still works very well.

I would like an estimate of what it would approximatly be worth,. If you still have them I would be interest in finding out what you have and maybe I can help you find pricing as well. Greetings, I hope you and your family are doing well. I am trying to get cheap kh, home knitter to help some women to get to be self-sufficient. Also, kx will do. Kindly respond to my enquiry.

I am also in need of a cone winder and where to buy wax etc. Any assistance you can give me would be highly appreciated. Thanks and God bless you. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Join List Next Previous Random. Subscribe to knittsings via RSS.

Knitting machines galore since one is never enough, photo tutorials, and knits gone wild. Between Bill and I, we found: Info Machine knitting is different than hand knitting. The good news is it takes a lot of abuse to make one inoperable. PassapKnits Knittingmachines Knitting machines are intimidating at first and there is a definite learning curve.

If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed! I need to know the price of knitting mashines,like three differernt types. Im in needy of buying one. Any body to help me? I appreciate some info. I have a Silver Model SK and lost the ribber in a recent move.

Can anyone help me? I want to buy the best knitting machine. Please send me more information. Thank you S Diane. I was wondering if you sell the firs and the tirth one and the prices of each one. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. In this section of the store we stock many different types of fashionable wholesale ladies items.

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Long Sleeve Cardigan Sweater - Horizontal Stripe Printed

Cozy cardigans at affordable prices. Shop new styles of cheap sweaters, cardigans, and blazers up to 70% off retail prices. Available in womens and juniors sizes. Shop Sweaters & Cardigans for women with wholesale cheap price and find more bulk sweater vest, cardigan sweaters online with fast delivery on drop shipping at Hoodie or jacket cardigans are another choice from our extensive cardigan collection. Jacket or hoodie cardigans have open fronts or have zippers to provide a "rough" look that can be the perfect substitute for a jacket. These types of cardigans are the perfect choices to wear over jeans for a casual, but sophisticated look.